Wired for Change

Wired for Change is a four-part series of workshops that assist participants in understanding their thoughts, feelings and mindset and provide tools to implement and initiate personal change.

Journey of WE facilitates Wired for Change workshops on-line and in person.

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Positive Psychology based coaching focuses on what is RIGHT with you.

  • Do I need a coach?
    • In every professional arena, regardless of talent level and experience, participants rely on good, sound coaching to reach their maximum potential. Why wouldn’t this translate into your everyday life? Each time you step into the world, you step into the arena of life.
  • Who is coaching you?
    • All these high performing individuals recognize the need and value of having a coach in their corner to bring out their maximum potential prior to entering their arenas. Muhammad Ali – Angelo Dundee, Usain Bolt – Glen Mills, Serena Williams – Richard Williams and Patrick Jean AndrĂ© Mouratoglou, Denzel Washington – Wynn Handman, Steve Jobs – Bill Campbell, Oprah Winfrey – Martha Beck
  • What are the benefits of hiring a coach?
    • A coach is a conduit to assist you in moving from where you are to where you want to be
  • Why should WE be your coach?
    • WE are passionate about witnessing individuals reach their maximum potential.  WE love sharing in other’s victories. WE have had many challenges in life that seemed insurmountable and through the help of good coaches WE reached far beyond our original estimates and want the same for others. WE can meet you where you are because we’ve been there. Coaching fills us with zeal and zest and the juice that makes us leap out of bed with excitement knowing that WE may be able to help someone this day.

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The Journey Series

The Journey Series is an intensive three step program designed to support individuals on their quest for true love.

Journey to ME is an intensive study of self to develop ME in HD

Journey to WE supports participants in taking their HD selves into the world and connecting with their perfect match

Journey of WE is designed for couples to flourish in relationship

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