Journey of WE

Discover YOUR True Love

Theo and Betsy are Positive Psychology Practitioners and Love and Relationship Coaches

Theo Crisman-Brown

I am a spiritual sojourner, in tuned with the temporariness of this life. In spite of many tough life lessons and struggles I’ve arrived to this point, full of joy, excitement and zest for life. My passion is to be a mid-wife to joy, love, and thriving lives for hundreds and thousands of people.

Betsy Crisman-Brown

I’ve had many life experiences, ups downs and sideways. These have developed great strength and resiliency in me. It has sometimes taken great courage to endure and succeed through challenge and uncertainty. As a continuous learner, I’ve taken lessons from everyday life and developed understanding and wisdom of myself and the world around me. I know I have the power to create and live the life of my dreams. I am passionate about assisting others in their journey towards their own strength, courage, wisdom and power.

Our Training

Theo and Betsy earned certificates in Applied Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology based coaching. Betsy is also a certified trainer for the Bounce Back BetterĀ® – resiliency training program and Flourishing Skills Group facilitator.

Theo and Betsy each have over 30 years experience in their industries. Theo in sales and finance and Betsy in pharma and biotech.

What WE do

Together Theo and Betsy have created Journey of WE (JoW) to guide and support people in their quest for true love.

Opportunities to work with us