The Goddess Tree


The Delaware River canal path provides a sanctuary for creativity and insight.  I walk the path and contemplate life’s challenges and experiences.

In the winter of 2015 I noticed a small, interesting tree along the banks of the river.  I pass, but then wonder; is it alive, how has it not been washed away?  Curiosity draws me back.  I take a photo and remind myself to visit in the spring to see if leaves burst from its branches or if it stands waiting for the elements to sweep it towards the ocean.

The tree quickly becomes a regular stop during my meanderings along the river with Bear and Remington, my ever faithful canine companions.  Years past we would run, covering many miles each outing.  Pausing out of necessity, seldom recognizing or savoring the beauty that surrounds us.  These days are different, age and injuries have slowed us.


As spring approaches I anxiously await the emergence of leaves on the mystical tree.  It lives!!!  Brilliant leaves of green burst from the stunted, contorted, weathered branches.  I’m thrilled and intrigued by the life that has endured through the seasons.

Time passes

Summer and fall bring lushness and color.  The tree flourishes.

The difference a day makes

The seasons cycle back to winter’s cold blustery days.  Consecutive visits find the tree in different but equally spectacular conditions.

A new perspective

A friend notices a woman in the tree.  I take a closer look, yes I see her too.  On my countless visits and in my numerous photographs I have missed the now obvious profile.  She is a Goddess waiting to be unveiled!

A closer look

Venturing down the steep bank to the Goddess Tree I discover that she is completely hollow.  She is constantly holding space for those that seek comfort and shelter.

No rings to count.

She is timeless.

Seasons come and go.

Flood waters rise and recede.

She endures.

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