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Who am I?  Sometimes I think I know the answer most of the time I don’t.  I can or have been labeled as a; daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and many more.  I am just beginning to embrace identifying myself as a woman.  I don’t feel like being a woman comes naturally, it has been a long road to finding my womanhood.

One would think that a girl naturally matures to a woman in adulthood, I don’t agree.  I was catapulted from a carefree teenager full of optimism, hope and naiveté to a responsible adult at the tender age of 18 when I became a mother.  Nine months of daily vomiting, fear, shame, guilt, isolation, loneliness and grown-up decisions doesn’t allow a girl to develop into a woman.

The decisions I made were ones I believed were required not those that I would have chosen under different circumstances.  However, once the decisions were made there was only one thing to do – make them work.

Make them work I did or thought I did.  There have been a lot of messes along the way and a whole lot of waiting.  Waiting to reap the benefits of hard work, waiting for others to notice and appreciate me, waiting to feel good enough.  But most of all waiting to be ME.

I have created Journey of WE to share my reflections on the messes of my past and how they are bringing me to a place of discovery.  Not to relive or get stuck in those stories but to embrace the gifts of knowledge and understanding that they provide.  It is also a place to embrace the experiences of today, moments of learning, enlightenment, and appreciation.

I am not on this pathway alone so I’ve created Journey of WE as a community open for others to share their experiences and insights through creativity.

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