A Springtime Rhyme


A year ago I created a short poem and shared it with my sons and grandsons.  I remembered it a few weeks ago when I discovered the framed poem hanging in my grandson’s bedroom.  It was a wonderful surprise to find it so prominently displayed.  Today I am posting it here in hopes that it will be viewed and displayed by many others.

A Springtime Rhyme

fresh fragrant flowers, cool pop up showers

misty slow mornings, high wind speed warnings 

swift rivers flowing, garden seed sowing

days getting longer, boys growing stronger 

tender leaves bursting, planted seeds thirsting 

wild ducks pairing, brilliant sun glaring

 loud songbird chatter, little league batter

 young children seeking, hidden treats peeking

 warm smiling faces, fun playground spaces

springtime arriving, living things thriving

PDF version (A Springtime Rhyme)

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